100 Women

100 Women is the name of a conference organized by the BBC where 100 women from different parts of the world were invited. The objective of this conference was to share and debate ideas regarding women´s situation around the world.

This project´s task is to gather information related to these topics and then choose one to base your speech on. The speech should contain statistic data and facts but should also be a way of voicing your opinion on a given issue.

Here’s more information about this conference:


And an introductory video called  “What chance does a young girl have?”

Some of the highlights of this conference have been:

Interview with Chelsea Clinton

Sigridur Maria Egilsdottir, Iceland’s champion debater. “We can end inequality”

Zainab Bangura, the UN special representative on sexual violence in conflict. “My father wanted me to marry at 12”

Discussion: “What is 21st century feminism?”

Although the following interview and articles aren’t part of the conference, they are still connected with women’s issues:

Malala’s story

Women as primary breadwinners

The jobs Chinese girls just can’t do

What does it feel to be airbrushed?

Speech preparation:

Information on how to plan, structure and practise your speech

Connecting words and ideas

Speech transitions

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