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Being a descendant of Europeans who emigrated to Argentina many years ago, I grew up in an environment immersed in everything that was foreign: my grandmother’s stories about her country of origin, magazines and books in other languages, travel stories and films in their original version. Thus, my curiosity and interest in foreign languages and cultures was fed from a very young age. After a few years, international exams and a stay in the US in between, convinced me that my path was towards teaching languages.

Due to the great demand for English teachers that there was and still is in my country, when I became a student at the Instituto Superior del Profesorado, almost simultaneously, I also became a teacher and that has given me invaluable experiences.

Throughout my extensive career, I have taught English courses in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, companies, universities, government agencies, public institutions and associations, both in Argentina and Spain. In addition, I have done English-Spanish/Spanish-English translation work and given Spanish courses for foreigners in companies, NGOs and universities.

Over time, my role as a teacher has transitioned to that of a coach, someone who encourages and guides her students by working on learning strategies and fostering their autonomy as learners with unique paths/styles.

I firmly believe in the importance of enjoying learning and generating motivation in the classroom. To do this, I use a wide variety of teaching materials and try to take into account the preferences of each student to select relevant topics.

Other pillars that currently support my methodology have to do with positive psychology and conscious learning, taking into account that the student’s level of attention in class is essential to guarantee success in any type of learning. To obtain the desired results, I use approaches based on projects and significant tasks framed in real contexts that generate creativity and action.

I try to establish an authentic connection with each student and collaborate together in order to co-construct their learning process. That is why communication is permanent and as fluid as possible with all of them.

Why Choose Me


Unique language learning methodology that blends technological advances, neuroscience and traditional communicative approaches.

My Mission


To provide accessible and effective language training to connect people to the world around them.

My Vision


To become a global leader in language education, empowering individuals and communities through multilingualism and cross-cultural understanding.



Authentic Communication /  Conscious and Non-Violent Communication Course (Oren Jay Sofer)
Positive Psychology (University of Pennsylvania)
University Expert Degree: Upgrade in Educational Technology (National Technological University)


Course “Wise Speech: The Foundations of Mindful Communication”- Barre Center for Buddhist Studies (Profesor: Oren Jay Sofer)
Course “Say What you Mean: A Mindful Approach to Non-violent Communication” (Oren Jay Sofer )


English workshop at AFEMHOS ( Asociación de Familias de Enfermos Mentales de Hospitalet)- Barcelona
Course “The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing”, Google- The Open University
Course “Storytelling: The Art of Telling Stories” with Sergio Ituero


Teacher in A2 Spanish course for refugee students – Institute for Multilingualism- International University of Catalonia (Barcelona)
Professor of Spanish Language and Culture 2 in MBA- ESADE Business School- Ramón Llull University (Barcelona)


Teacher in TOEFL preparation course at ESADE (Higher School of Business Administration and Management)- Ramón Llull University
 Business English teacher and coach at Linguarama: Silk Applications. Morera & Asesores, IESE, Caixa Bank, Comercia Global Payments (Barcelona)


University Postgraduate Course: “Expert in Mindfulness in Educational Contexts”, Camilo José Cela University (Madrid, Spain)

2000- present

General and Business English training for private clients and companies in Argentina and Spain. Companies: Panamerican Energy, IBM, Accenture, Nextel, AC Hotel, Quality Brokers, Celebrand, Robotnik and public institutions (Generalitat Valenciana). 
Spanish teacher to private students and companies (Bayer). Intensive and regular courses. Preparation for DELE exams. Online and blended courses.


English teacher (levels C1 and C1+) at the Language Center of the University of Valencia. Exam preparation courses. 


Introductory course in Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy (8 week course) – Elephant Plena, Valencia.
I begin to do one week to 16-day long Vipassana meditation retreats once or twice a year in Europe and Asia.


Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication and Language Teaching at Jaume I University (Spain). Specialty: Intercultural Communication and Multilingualism. Research project on the role of oral input in the language class of the EOI of Castellón.


Course “Multiple Intelligences: Application to the Foreign Languages Classroom”


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Training – Wells Institute


Phonetics for Teachers: “Reviewing and Re-learning the Music of English”

2004- 2007

Freelance In-company Business English trainer at TCA and Interbaires (Ezeiza Airport)


Freelance English teacher  companies and private clients. Coaching and exam preparation. Individual and group courses.

2003- 2010

Freelance in-company Business English teacher in collaboration with CAIT. Clients: Pan American Energy, Nextel, Argentine Accreditation Agency, Embassy of New Zealand, SAAS. Preparation for international exams from the London Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Cambridge. Designed and taught workshop “Vocabulary in the Classroom” for English teachers.


I begin to teach English in companies on a freelance basis, collaborating with different language schools. Through Lew Languages ​​I taught at: Accenture, IBM. English teacher for private clients (freelance) of public organizations (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Congress) and companies. Spanish teacher for foreigners


Kindergarten Teacher, Champagnat School (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
English Teacher at Colegio del Pilar (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

1997- 2003

BA “Teacher in English” (I.S.P. Joaquín V. González- Buenos Aires, Argentina) 
Degree validated as BA in English Philology (Spain)


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