At the hotel

1) How often do you stay at a hotel? Have you ever stayed at a hotel in an English-speaking country? 

2) Complete the next conversation at a hotel in the USA.

Receptionist: Good morning, welcome to the Continental Hotel.__________________?

Guest: ________________, ___________________ is Tom Sanders. I___________________ for a single room for three nights.

Receptionist: Alright, Mr Sanders. Let me pull up your reservation. I can´t seem to find a record of your booking. ___________________directly through us or did you use the hotel reservation service or a travel agent?

Guest: ___________________ directly through you. I´ve already also paid a deposit on the first night. __________________ a reservation number if that helps.

Receptionist: Yes, sure. ________________? (guest gives her the reservation number) Thank you. (She has a look at the document) Oh I see, maybe there was a glitch with the booking system. Well, __________________________ available with the exception of one adjoined room. But you would be then be right next door to a family with children, which might get noisy. But that´s not a problem. I can upgrade you to one of our business suites. They all come with jacuzzis.

Guest: Oh, that sounds nice but ___________________ cost?

Receptionist: That would of course be at no extra charge to you.

Guest: Oh, thank you.

Repcetionist: My pleasure

Guest: ___________________?

Receptionist: Oh, it´s really easy. This is your access code and instructions on how to use it. ____________________, feel free to call the front desk. And this is a list of all the ______________________, like the gym and the indoor pool.

Guest: Ah,______________________

Receptionist: You´re welcome. Has the valet already _________________ or will you be needing a parking pass?

Guest: Oh, I don´t have a car. I _______________direct from the airport.

Receptionist: Alright, ____________I have some form of ___________, please? And could you just fill out this ____________________?

Guest: Sure, here´s my driver´s license.

Receptionist: Thank you. Oh, you´re from San Francisco.

Guest: ______________ All the way from the west coast.

Receptionist: I hope you _______________________

Guest: Yes, I did, _____________The flight was long but it was smooth and I slept almost the whole way.

Receptionist: And is_________________ time in the Big Apple?

Guest: Yes, it is. I __________ a business conference to attend, but _____________________ getting some sightseeing done as well.

Receptionist: Well, I´d_______________ happy to give you some sightseeing tips if you need any.

Guest: Thank you.

Receptionist: Alright, I´ve got you all checked in to your room. This is your ______________You´re in room 653. Just take the elevator on the right up to the 6th floor. When you get off the elevator, turn right. Your room is at the end of the corridor on the left-hand side. Just leave you suitcase here and the bellboy will bring it up.

Guest: Great. Thank you very much.

Receptionist: If you ___________, please feel free to dial the front desk. Enjoy _______________

Guest: Thank you.

Receptionist: You´re welcome.

3) Now check your answers watching the video.

4) Let´s focus on some key vocabulary items:

a reservation/booking (nouns)

to book a room at a hotel

to upgrade someone to a business suite

wifi access

reservation number

hotel amenities/facilities

Could I have some form of ID?

That´s at no extra charge to you.

I hope you had a good trip/flight.

Will you be needing a parking pass?

get some sightseeing done/do some sightseeing/go sightseeing

I´ve got you all checked in to your room

dial the front desk

Are there any other expressions that you would like to add to this list?

5) Imagine you’ve just arrived in New York for a conference and you would like to do the check-in at the hotel where you’ve made the reservation. Roleplay the conversation with a partner or your teacher.

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