Be like the bamboo (TEDTalks)

What do you know about the bamboo? Where does it grow? What are the bamboo characteristics?

Click here for the video and answer the following questions:
1) Why is Garr Reynolds living in Japan? What´s special about Japan?
2) What represents the Japanese spirit?
3) Where did he move?
4) What´s the Japanese idea of strength?
5) What´s the second idea he presents?
6) Name the third idea in his list.
7) Name the fourth idea.
8) Name the fifth idea.
9) Which is the sixth idea?
10) Name the seventh idea.
11) Say something about the eightth.
13) What is the ninth idea?
14) Idea number ten: What´s the essence of the bamboo?

If you have difficulties to follow the presentation, you can always use the subtitles that are available at the bottom right of the screen or you can use this link where you will find the transcript.

Which of these lessons is/are the most important one(s) for you? Why?

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