Big Changes

Big Changes

Have you ever experienced any big change in your life or witness one in somebody else´s life? What triggered such a change and what were its consequences?


You will narrate one important change which has taken place in your life or in the world. It could be a well-known historic milestone or an event which could be insignificant for most people but you consider key for various reasons. If possible, answer the following questions:

a) Why have you chosen this event/fact?

b) What was the situation before and after what took place?

c) How did you react to this change? (physically, emotionally, intellectually, etc.)

d) Have the effects/consequences been positive 0r negative? Has this taught you anything?

This could take the shape of an article or an oral presentation to which you can add images, tables, etc.

Suggested material:

It´s essential that you use at least one audiovisual source in order to write your article/make your presentation.

Historic milestones: text 1, text 2

The consequences of a big change: text 3

Individuals’ changes: Video 1, video 2

Language connected with changes: presentation, text 4

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