The verb get has various definitions and uses. Here are the most frequent ones: 1) to receive: get a present 2) to acquire as a result of effort, earn: get a graduate degree; get a high mark in an exam. 3) to take, go after, bring: Get me […]

in, on, at (place)

Spanish-speaking students often confuse these two prepositions as both mean “en” in Spanish. These are their differences in English: IN Inside an enclosed place (building, office, room, bag, box, etc.) or a territory with borders (region, province, country, city, garden, etc.). Expressions with in: in […]

to arrive

This is a verb which is often misused by Spanish-speaking students of English. Most students tend to translate the Spanish structure “llegar a” to English and this is why they say “arrive to a place”. They even doubt about the verity of what you are […]