Big Changes

Big Changes Have you ever experienced any big change in your life or witness one in somebody else´s life? What triggered such a change and what were its consequences? Project: You will narrate one important change which has taken place in your life or in […]

Poetry writing

I have very recently come across one brilliant and creative idea to help students write their first poems. It appears on a blog by Andreas Lund which focuses on poetry writing by ESL students. I thought about adding some pre-task activities that could enable students […]

Halloween project

Halloween project   PRE-TASK: What do you know about this celebration? Is it celebrated in your country? How? How do people celebrate it in the USA TASK: a) Find out information about the celebration and prepare a written report/oral presentation about the celebration. Here are […]

100 Women

100 Women is the name of a conference organized by the BBC where 100 women from different parts of the world were invited. The objective of this conference was to share and debate ideas regarding women´s situation around the world. This project´s task is to gather […]