At the restaurant

At the restaurant Here are some exercises based on an episode from “I love Lucy”, a TV series from the USA, very well-known in the 50s.  GENERAL COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS Watch the first part (up to 1:55) and answer the following questions: a) What´s the problem? […]

Networking at a conference

  1)      Have you ever been invited to or participated in an international conference? If so, how was it? Did you enjoy it? Why/why not? 2)      One of the scariest moments for students of English comes when the socializing with other people starts. Socializing in […]

At the hotel

1) How often do you stay at a hotel? Have you ever stayed at a hotel in an English-speaking country?  2) Complete the next conversation at a hotel in the USA. Receptionist: Good morning, welcome to the Continental Hotel.__________________? Guest: ________________, ___________________ is Tom Sanders. […]