Business English (A1-A2)

Last Updated : 07-05-2023
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Learn the basics of Business English to communicate in everyday situations at work. Start navigating the Business English world through easy, motivating, dynamic group activities. This course includes training in grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Get started in Business English with this dynamic and interactive course. You’ll learn the basics of Business English to interact in the workplace more easily and confidently. This course will introduce you to Business English communication skills while also working on your grammar and vocabulary.


You’ll get the following:

  • Live Zoom sessions to interact with others
  • A 100 % teacher-led course
  • 8 student group max
  • Wide variety of activities: roleplays, case studies, discussions, games, etc.
  • Downloadable material to practice on your own
  • Progress tests and self-assessment exercises
  • Feedback on your oral and written skills every class
  • A free 30-minute interview to assess your level and specific language needs

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