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Last Updated : 07-05-2023
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Cambridge English Qualifications prepare you for the highly demanding international business world. They provide practical training in all the different business English communication skills: meetings, presentations, negotiations, telephoning, video calls, report writing, and email writing.  

They’re accepted worldwide and trusted by top organizations around the world

You’ve reached an upper intermediate level, which will allow you to apply for international jobs or move up the career ladder.

Cambridge BEC EXAMS

The Cambridge Business English Certificates are of great importance if you’re planning to advance your career, start a new career, or apply for a job at a global company. They act as a springboard to career promotions and interesting job opportunities.  

You will get:  

  •  Live Zoom sessions to interact with other students 
  • A 100 % teacher-led course 
  • 8 student group max 
  • The downloadable exam preparation material  
  • Progress tests and mock tests 
  • Feedback on your oral and written BEC exam skills  
  • A free 30-minute interview to assess your level and specific language needs 
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