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Last Updated : 07-05-2023
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You’ve started working for an international firm and could probably start making presentations in the near future. With our course, you’ll be able to make and give clear, concise, and effective presentations in your workplace. You’ll learn how to structure presentations, mark sequences, and transitions, use the right rhythm by making pauses, appropriate vocabulary and grammar, among other useful tools 

This course includes the language, pronunciation, and intonation you need to give a successful business presentation. You can adapt the course’s content to suit your specific needs and job. This course is suited for students with B2 (upper-intermediate) level and above. 

 You’ll get:  

  • Live Zoom sessions to interact with others 
  • A 100 % teacher-led course 
  • 10 student group max 
  • Downloadable material to practice on your own 
  • Feedback on your presentation skill every class 
  • A free 30-minute interview to assess your level and specific language needs 

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