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Last Updated : 07-05-2023
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Would you like to save time by writing error-free and successful emails?  

Email writing is at the core of everyday business communication. Writing effective emails means you’ll be able to work more efficiently, which in turn means having better job prospects.  

Write better, more professional Business English emails. Learn how to express your ideas clearly, concisely and coherently through interactive and dynamic activities.  

This course is suitable for students with level A2 (pre-intermediate) and above. 

 You’ll get:  

  • Live Zoom sessions to interact with others 
  • A 100 % teacher-led course 
  • 15 student group max 
  • Downloadable material to practice on your own 
  • Feedback on your email skill every class 
  • A free 30-minute interview to assess your level and specific language needs 

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