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Telephoning has always been the number 1 business skill most students dread since you don’t have visual information from your caller’s body and facial language, which facilitates understanding. In the global context we live in, it is of vital importance to be able to develop effective and efficient telephoning skills 

Business telephone calls may sometimes be challenging to non-native English speakers, especially, when they need to discuss important issues such as prices or contract negotiations. You need to make sure you follow your interlocutor’s message or else you might end up ruining a whole new business opportunity.  

In our course, you’ll learn specific telephoning phrases, appropriate registers, ways to clarify and ask for clarification, checking to understand, and asking for and giving information, plus you will have ample opportunity to practice and get feedback on your learning. 

 You’ll get:  

  • Live Zoom sessions to interact with others 
  • A 100 % teacher-led course 
  • 8 student group max 
  • Downloadable material to practice on your own 
  • Feedback on your telephoning skill every class 
  • A free 30-minute interview to assess your level and specific language needs 

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