Halloween (Level A2 to C2)

Halloween (Level A2 to C2)


What do you know about this celebration? Where and how is it celebrated?

What does “trick or treat” mean?

What is a costume? Look up this word if you’re unsure about its meaning.

Watch the videos and do the tasks on the website. You can download the transcript

  1. After you watch the videos (Halloween Scene 1 and Halloween Scene 2), answer the following questions:
  • How do people celebrate Halloween in the UK?
  • What part is the most fun in your opinion?
  • Is it different to the way you celebrate Halloween in your country? How?
  • Do you like Ashlie and Stephen’s costumes? Do you have a favourite costume you usually wear on Halloween?
  • What do you think about Stephen’s magic tricks?

You may want to find out more information about this tradition. If so, go to the Projects category  and you´ll find some useful websites that will surely help you.

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