Idioms and idiomatic expressions to express anger (upper-intermediate/advanced)

SPIT THE DUMMY/THROW THE DUMMY FROM THE PRAM: to indulge in a sudden display of anger or frustration. To have a tantrum. “There´s no reason for me to spit the dummy” (The Urban Dictionary).

BE UP IN ARMS:  to be indignant, prepared to protest strongly (Collins Concise English Dictionary). “I was up in arms about the government´s decision to lower rich people´s taxes”

BE IN A BLACK MOOD: 1) a very unhappy feeling. “She was in one of her black moods today” (Cambridge Dictionary Online). 2) To be irritable, angry. “Don´t get near James. He´s in a black mood”

BLOW A FUSE/GASKET: to become very angry. “When he told her how much it cost, she blew a gasket” (Cambridge Dictionary Online).

BLOW YOUR LID/TOP/STACK: to become extremely angry.  “My father will blow his top when he sees what happened to the car” (Cambridge Dictionary Online).

A BEAR WITH A SORE HEAD: to be in a bad mood that causes you to treat people badly and complain a lot. “You´re like a bear with a sore head this morning. What´s wrong with you?” (Cambridge Dictionary Online)

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