Language lessons start in the womb



A) What do you know about the language acquisition process? When does it start?

B) Read the article published in the New York Times and answer the following questions:

  • Why does Dr. Cutler advise readers to talk to their babies?
  • What differences are there between earlier research and these new findings?
  • What implications do you think this will have in our society?
  • Explain the meaning of the following words: tease out- rigged pacifier – wrapped around

C) Questions for discussion:

  • When should we start teaching our children a foreign language?
  • Has your society’s opinion about foreign language learning changed? Are people giving more/less importance to it? Why?
  • Is the foreign language acquisition process similar to the first language one?
  • Should we learn languages to pass exams? Is that type of learning effective?
  • What’s the best language learning methodology?
  • What roles should teachers and students have in a language class?


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