Learning food vocabulary

Learning food vocabulary

Here are some ideas to learn and practise your food vocabulary:

1) Start by drawing up your shopping list in English. You´ll find the need to check for the meaning of a thousand words you thought you knew but, because of lack of use, you´ve somehow forgotten.

2) Learn how to cook new meals by searching for recipes in English. For example, here´s one for an exquisite chocolate mousse

3) Remember to study new words by adding them to main categories, such as “vegetables”, “fruits”, “cooking methods”, etc. A useful tool for word association is creating  a mind map. Remember you can use colours, drawings, add examples, etc. 

4) Some materials you’ll probably need are picture dictionaries (essential!!), bilingual dictionaries (optional), textbooks which deal with food vocabulary (choose one according to your level), recipe books, apps,  etc.

5) Write the recipe for your favourite dish or one which is popular in your city/country. You can also make a video and upload it to Vimeo, where you can share it with others. To help you with that, watch an episode from “Jamie at home”, where Jamie Oliver, the famous British chef, cooks a potato recipe. 


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