Listening comprehension: “Oxford” (A1 and above)

1) Before watching “Oxford scene1”:

  • Have you ever been to Oxford? Would you like to go? Why?
  • What´s Oxford famous for?
  • Look at Ashlie and Stephen. Where are they? What are they doing? What will they do?

2) Watch the scene until minute 1 and check if your predictions were correct. Answer the questions:

  • What are they doing?
  •  What are they going to do?

3) Watch the rest of the scene and answer the questions:

  • Does Stephen drive well?
  • What problem do they have?
  • What does Ashlie decide to do in the end? Why?

4) Scene 2:

  • Before you watch: What is Stephen going to do while Ashlie is taking her exam? Is he going to meet anyone there?
  • Watch the first part (up to minute 1:50) and check your predictions.
  • What do the girls study? Do they like it there? Why/why not?
  • Watch the rest of the scene. How was Ashlie´s exam? Where does Stephen take Ashlie? Do they have any problem? Which one is it and why?

You can also watch the video about Oxford. It´s got a lot of interesting info about the city so it´s totally worth it.
Remember you can read the transcript if, after watching the video two or three times, you can´t grasp the meaning of what they are saying. There are comprehension exercises on the same page so you´re invited to do them as well.

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