Listening practice for upper-intermediate and advanced students (TEDTalks)

The following is a list of activities based on different talks published on the TEDTalks website. Read the questions before you watch the videos. It will help you to understand better.

1) “We´re all hiding something. Let´s have the courage to open up”

a- What was Ash hiding?

b- Why does she say that we´re all hiding something?

c- Have you ever “thrown any grenade”?

2) “What we don´t understand about trust”

a- Why are opinion polls wrong according to Onora O´Neill?

b- What should be the proper aim in this life?

c- How can we judge someone´s trustworthiness?

d- How do you know that someone´s trustworthy?

3) “Selling condoms in the Congo”

a- What does Amy Lockwood do?

b- Which is one of the most important health issues in the Congo?

c- Why are the condoms´marketing campaigns ineffective?

d- What´s the lesson that needs to be learnt?

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