make vs. do

These two verbs are often confused by Spanish speakers because both are translated as “hacer”, a verb which has more than one meaning and use in Spanish. Here are the differences between these two verbs:


I managed to make a good presentation for tomorrow´s conference.

I need to make some calls. I´ll be right back.

She´s made a delicious cake.

Make involves creating or building something.


He does sports every day.

I need to do my homework right now.

The doctor told me I need to do more exercise.

Do involves practising, exercising or performing an activity or task.

However, there are a number of fixed expressions in the language that students should try to memorize:


do a favour

do business/your job

do badly/well

do your best/worst

do the housework (the dishes, the laundry, the gardening, the ironing, etc.)

do your hair/your nails

do good/harm

do a crossword

do a research

do a course


make a mistake

make an effort

make a decision/a choice

make a complaint

make your bed

make a discovery

make coffee/tea/a meal

make an appointment

make a bet

make money/a fortune

make a difference

make a fool of yourself

make noise

make a joke

make a plan

make a list

make trouble

make progress

make peace/love

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