Our home: the Earth (intermediate and above)




A) Summarise in one sentence your take on what’s happening to the environment. What are the main news in connection with climate change? Give an example of how this is affecting our planet. 


B) What do you know about the situation in the Artic?

Watch this BBC documentary introduction and find out.

  • What type of natural phenomenon does the documentary describe?
  • Who are affected by this great melt and how?
  • What consequences can this have for the rest of the ecosystem and the planet at large?
  • What can be done to prevent this from happening?


C) Read Donald Trump’s Twitter comments on climate change and answer the following questions:

  1. What is his stance on the issue?
  2. Why could this view favour businesses?
  3. Do you know many other people who share his views on the matter?


D) What do you know about climate scepticism? Here’s an article on the topic. Read the first 13 paragraphs and summarise what you’ve read. Discuss the issue with your partner. 



Group A: You believe in climate change and its disastrous consequences for the environment.

Group B: You are climate sceptics.




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