Commonly confused adjectives

Some personality adjectives may be the source of misunderstandings for a big number of Spanish-speaking students of English. Some of these adjectives are:

Sympathetic: the obvious connection students make is with the word “simpático”, which means “pleasant” or “amusing”. Sympathetic actually means “characterized by, feeling or showing sympathy; understanding” *. We could translate it as “compasivo” or “solidario”.

–  Sensitive vs. sensible: this two are also frequently confused by Spanish-speaking students of English since “sensible” (Spanish word) means “sensitive“, someone who has a high sensitivity, who can be easily offended or feel  irritated*.

The correct definition of “sensible” is “having or showing good sense or judgment”. We could tranlate it as “sensato” in Spanish.

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*source taken from Collins Concise English Dictionary

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