Project: An enchanted place

What are your country or city´s landmarks? Is it a particularly touristic place? Why is it so?/ why not? Is there any place you´re specially attracted to? Why? What´s magical about it?


Prepare an oral presentation and/or written article about a place. Your work could be used to promote more tourism into the area. It could be a country, city, region, etc. The whole class can choose the best/most attractive place to go to from the ones presented by the students.


Here are some useful links that can help you:

Description vocabulary 1

Description vocabulary 2

Models 1

Models 2

Models 3


  • Remember you can include your personal experience when visiting or living in the city. It makes the description more appealing to the reader!
  • Don´t forget to follow different stages: 1) plan your writing: brainstorm ideas and then organise them into paragraphs 2) start writing the first draft 3) once you finish writing it, check that the content is clear 4) check if there are any spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes.
  • Be creative. You may be able to create nice and effective metaphors that can make your description unique.

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