Project: Self-introduction (A1 and A2)

Project: Self- introduction (A1 and A2)

1) Have you ever had to prepare a self-introduction for a blog or website in English? If so, what type of information have you included? Was it written or oral? Was it hard to do it? Why/why not?
Imagine you want to write a short self-introduction in a conversation exchange website. You´d really like to practice your oral skills with a native and you found the perfect website to do so. You must introduce yourself in an attarctive and creative way so that other users feel interested in chatting with you. What sort of information would you include? How would you organize it?

2) Take a look at some self-introductions:

Which one is the most effective in your opinion? Why?

3) Gather information that can help you prepare your own self-introduction, and decide whether you want to a written or oral (or both!) one. Get ready to start!! After you finish, you can search for a language learning website where you can use your self-introduction. Here are some ideas (but you can find more under the intercultural communication and conversation exchange heading in this website):

4) Some more videos on this topic are:

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