The verb get has various definitions and uses. Here are the most frequent ones: 1) to receive: get a present 2) to acquire as a result of effort, earn: get a graduate degree; get a high mark in an exam. 3) to take, go after, bring: Get me […]

in, on, at (place)

Spanish-speaking students often confuse these two prepositions as both mean “en” in Spanish. These are their differences in English: IN Inside an enclosed place (building, office, room, bag, box, etc.) or a territory with borders (region, province, country, city, garden, etc.). Expressions with in: in […]

Connecting parts of the sentence

Lexical discourse cues Lexical discourse cues are essential elements of the language which connect different parts of the discourse. Producing complex and coherent structures indicates proficiency and fluency in the language, this is why lexical discourse cues are so necessary. a) Lexical discourse cues are […]