Malala’s Story

Listen to the first 10 minutes of Malala’s interview  and answer the following questions: 1) Why do they call the Swat valley a paradise? 2) What type of relationship has she got with her father? 3) What does she think about the role of women in Islam? […]

Poetry writing

I have very recently come across one brilliant and creative idea to help students write their first poems. It appears on a blog by Andreas Lund which focuses on poetry writing by ESL students. I thought about adding some pre-task activities that could enable students […]

Apps to learn vocabulary

Technology has come to stay and proof of that are the numerous applications being used in learning, both in and outside the classrooms. As far as language learning is concerned, apps used to create and learn vocabulary units seem extremely useful. The best example I know, as […]

At the hotel

1) How often do you stay at a hotel? Have you ever stayed at a hotel in an English-speaking country?  2) Complete the next conversation at a hotel in the USA. Receptionist: Good morning, welcome to the Continental Hotel.__________________? Guest: ________________, ___________________ is Tom Sanders. […]