Project: The Bermudas Triangle (Level B1 to C2)

Project: The Bermudas Triangle (Level B1 to C2)

1) Pre-task:
What do you know about this mystery? Where are the Bermudas Islands? What happened there?

2) Task:

a) Find out information about the mystery and prepare a written or oral report on the topic. The following websites may help you out:
Naval History and Heritage
The Skeptic´s Dictionary
Devil´s Triangle video
The Bermuda Triangle: Fact or Fiction? (video)
National Geographic documentary (can be a bit difficult for intermediate students. It´s more suitable for upper-intermediate or advanced students)
b) Procedure:
– Your must answer the following questions:
Why is it called “The Bermudas Triangle”? What are the origins of this mystery?
Why is it a mystery? What happened there?
What are your views on this? Is it fact or fiction? Why?
– You must watch at least one of the videos listed (or any other you consider useful)
– You may use the websites given or any other websites you consider interesting or useful.

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