The bull whose semen is worth $3,000 (upper-intermediate-advanced)


1) Are you an animal lover? How much do you know about cattle breeding? and bulls?

2) Read the title and look at the photos. Make a prediction of what the article might be about.

3) Match the following words with their correct definitions:

amble the large baglike mammary gland of cows, sheep, etc, having two or more teats

size upa group of followers that accompany someone important

wearythe coarse food that a cow, goat, etc. brings back up from its first stomach to its mouth for further chewing

retinuetired, exhausted

ravetalk with great enthusiasm

wondrousto go at a slow, easy pace

cudwonderful, remarkable

uddermake an assessment of a person or problem

tarpaulinlarge water-proof covering sheet


Read the article (click here) and answer the following questions:

  1. Why is Yuvraj’s semen so expensive and why do people from around the world go to see it?
  2. How does Karamveer Singh look after Yuvraj?
  3. What does Karamveer do?
  4. Why isn’t he considering selling the bull?
  5. What information is there about India’s stockbreeding and agricultural industry?
  6. Make a short summary of the article.
  7. What’s the meaning of “cash cow”? (parr. 7)



  • Should animals be treated like human beings?
  • Making a brand out of an animal
  • Agricultural and stockbreeding industry in your country: what is being done and could be done better

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