The lion and the mouse (upper-intermediate and above)

lion and the mouse



A) Read the story of the lion and the mouse and answer the following questions:

  • What is it about? Can you summarise it?
  • Why can this fable be called a “teaching story”?
  • Do you know any similar story?
  • What examples of equality (or inequality) can you find in the world?


B) Work in pairs. STUDENT A read this New York Times’ article. STUDENT B read  The Guardian’s article

1- Summarise the articles.

2- Express your opinion about them.

3- Compare the two articles. Do they refer to different issues or the same ones? Why?

4- Have there been similar cases in your country?



  • How often does the good guy win?
  • What do you think about the justice system where you live?
  • Is justice blind as it is said?
  • Have you ever been to court? Would you like to?
  • Would you ever consider becoming a lawyer?
  • Would you like to be a judge? Do you think his job is a difficult/easy one?
  • Why do you think some prisoners study law when they spend time in prison?
  • Why are most politicians lawyers in some countries?
  • How can the justice system be improved?
  • Are prisons effective as a form of correction? What type of prisons make ideal prisons? Should people be kept in prisons?




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