Twitter boss admits Twitter is failing victims of trolling (upper-intermediate/advanced)


– Do you use Twitter or any other social networking site?
– Do you see any disadvantage of using Twitter?
– What’s the meaning of the word “trolling”? If you aren’t familiar with this word, look it up in a dictionary. Listen to its pronunciation as well.


– What’s the gist of the article (click here to read it)? Summarise its content in 3 or 4 sentences.
– What type of changes does Twitter want to make and what did Twitter’s chief executive promise? Why?
– What examples of trolling are given in the article?
– What would you do if you had to face this type of abusive behaviour? Would you confront your troll?
– What do the following words mean in the context of the article? (You can infer their meaning from context and check by looking them up in a dictionary)
high-profile user


a) Create a mind map with some of the words that appear in this article in connection with the Internet.
b) Write either a short comment or an opinion essay on today’s use of social networking sites

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